Stugor i Torarp, 2 st (Cottage in Torarp)

50 m²

5 beds


Cottages and holiday villages | Two cottages by a smaller river. Both cottages have 5-6 beds and is beautifully situated by a small river that flows by. One cottage has a fireplace which makes it possible to hire in the winter too.

2 TV

About this accommodation

  • Capacity
    Square metre : 50 Number of rooms: 3 Number of bedrooms: 2 Number of beds: 5 Number of showers: 1 Number of toilets: 1
  • Facilities
    Sofa bed Stove/ Fireplace Shower Electric stove Single bed Grill/Barbecue area Coffee maker/Water boiler Refrigerator TV Two or more bedrooms Terrace Bunk bed WC Parkingplace Neighbour
  • Eat & Drink on site
  • Special requirements
    Children firendly Pets allowed Smokefree
  • Telephone number
    +46 038221202
  • Cellphone number
    +46 0702350480, 0703428812
  • E-mail
  • Website