Magnisa Cottage

Address: Stationsgatan 2 , 56730 Vaggeryd Show map

Address: Stationsgatan 2 , 56730 Vaggeryd

Call for openingtimes and a private tour! Sometimes they have a café in the cottage.

Magnisa cottage is situated on Stationsgatan in Vaggeryd. The cottage has a local historical interest is now filled with exhibits, photographs, newspapers and other old things from Vaggeryd and Götafors. The cottage was relocated to the site and restored by Waggeryds Museum Society.

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  • Booking number
    +46 070-693 43 98
  • Cellphone number
    +46 070-290 61 64
  • Street address
    Stationsgatan 2
  • Postal address
    56730 Vaggeryd

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