Skillingaryd Military Area

Address: Artillerigatan 14, 56830 Skillingaryd Show map

Address: Artillerigatan 14, 56830 Skillingaryd

Already in the 1600's they held military exercises Skillingaryds military area, today it is a cultural area of national interest, the buildings in the area are also K-labeled. Well worth a visit!

Between 1777 and 1914, Jönköping Regiment, the I 12 practiced and patterned in Skillingaryd. From the mid 1800s until the early 1900s several beautiful wooden buildings were built at the area, and a large part of the unique buildings of the regiment are preserved to this day, and for a number of years, these together with the land a culture heritage (K-labeled) and have to be preserved for the future.

In September 2013 it also opened a military museum in the area, Miliseum. Where can you learn more about the history of the camp area and military activity since it began in the 1600's!

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    Artillerigatan 14
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    56830 Skillingaryd
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