Stiftsgården Tallnäs

Address: Sjöeryd Tallnäs 1, 56891 Skillingaryd Show map

Address: Sjöeryd Tallnäs 1, 56891 Skillingaryd

Jogging track, Pilgrimage, The Labyrinth, Sauna, BBQ, Swimming, Fishing, Sports hall, Football, Volleyball, Playground. Yes the list goes on of all you can do at Stiftsgården Tallnäs! Welcome!

Tallnäs jogging track
In the beautiful surroundings you can choose to go for a brisk walk on some of the trails available around the farm. The shortest is 1 km long , Tallnäs slingan.

Pilgrimage - Munka trail (Munkaleden)
Going the Munka Trail, a pilgrimage route of 40 km between Nydala church and Byarum is something for those of you who want to experience the very fine nature of Småland .
One can divide the trip in 2 days and take a break on Tallnäs that is conveniently located midway between the two places . On Tallnäs you can eat well and sleep, and then wake up refreshed and anew on the next day. For more information contact reception. Telephone 0370-720 50

A copy of the labyrinth in Chartres Cathedral , France, next to the chapel. In the center you will find the Nydala Stone. Go here for a meditation walk in peace .

Sauna with barbecue
Right next Linnesjön 's wood-fired sauna which can be hired . You can fit 10 people in the sauna and on top of the sauna is a cosy loft . Outside the sauna is also a barbecue area and if you want something to eat before or after your sauna hour/s and you're welcome to order food from us if you want to.

Swimming and fishing
In nearby Linnesjön you can swim and fish , just a few hundred meters away is the communal bathing area that is open to the public.
You can also borrow Stiftgårdens rowing boat unless you want to fish from shore . Fishing licenses can be purchased at the reception.

Sports center with sauna
There is a sports hall with wall bars , wire , bending and rugs that can be rented as a private individual and groups when Tallnäs guests or the nearby school not use it. The sports hall also has a sauna for 10 people. If you are interested in renting contact us for more information and reservations .
Telephone 0370-720 50
Email stiftsgarden.tallnas @

Football and volleyball
Tallnäs has a large soccer pitch up next to the large parkinglot , it also serves as a volleyball court. Soccer and volleyball are available from reception . There is also the ability to play boule , bowler , croquet and chess.

There is a playground with a sandbox , swings and Matti Borg for the little ones to play by themselves at .

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    Sjöeryd Tallnäs 1
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    The reception is open Monday-Friday 08.00-17.00 Saturday 09:00 to 18:00 Sunday 9:00 to 14:00 We are open most Saturdays and Sundays depending on occupancy of guests at Tallnäs.

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