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Munkaleden is a 40 km long hiking trail that crosses the beautiful historic ground between the old medieval nunnery in Byarum and the Friary of Nydala. Along the trail there utmarkerade picnic and rest areas and some parts of the trail is also handicapped accessible. Welcome to hike!

Munkaleden is marked with blue paint and arrows with abbot seal at all crossroads. Along the trail there are also information boards detailing the nature and historic sites. There are specific meditation paintings at places where you can find rest .
Munkaleden goes through all kinds of Småland nature , pine , dark spruce forests , farmland , through beautiful meadows and pastures and over moorland .

You can hike on your own. Organized hiking may only occur in association with Munkaleden Nydala - Byarums society. Everyman's right (Allemansrätten) does not allow the use of nature for commercial purposes without permission from the landowner. The 30 landowners over whose lands the trail passes , have responded positively to the society's work.

At Tolva bridge there is the opportunity to grill
( Alternative route leg A4 and A5).

Between Tallnäs and Skog the trail is accessible to wheelchair users , but there are some steep hills
( Alternative route leg A3 and A4).

At Monk Hat (Munkehatt) is the meditation site handicapped accessible (Stage 2) .

Munkaleden is a hiking trail where we supposed to be able to rest and tranquility in the beautiful and varied scenery , sense of history and with the help of God's Word to find time for meditation and reflection.

Munkaleden is a trail designed for silence, stillness and meditation. Therefore cycling is forbidden!!!!!!

The website has a map in pdf format that you can print. That map is good enough because the trail is very good marked.

Welcome to hike on this beautiful trail !

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