Biking Trails in Vaggeryd municipality

Address: Artillerigatan 29, 56831 Skillingaryd Show map

Address: Artillerigatan 29, 56831 Skillingaryd

For those of you who love to be outdoors, come and experience the beautiful Småland Landscapes up close! You can cycle the various trails that are between 4.7 km and 25 km long

Cycle through the small villages in the woods, along fences and stone walls, stop and take a swim in any lake you pass .
Here are several trails to choose from, with different lengths and stretching through the municipality.
You can download the maps in PDF format on the municipal website ( Tourist / Visitor - Biking and hiking trails )
You can also get them in paper format at the tourist office or at the reception of Skillingehus in Skillingaryd .

Cycle around Skillingaryd
Skjutfältsrundan ca. 4,7 km
Högabråten ca. 7 km
Mörkebo ca. 8 km
Fågelforsrundan ca. 11,5 km
Mörkebo-Häradsrundan ca. 14 km
Linnesjön runt ca. 20 km

Cycle around Vaggeryd
Lilla Gärahov ca. 5 km
Hjortsjön runt ca. 8 km
Stora Gärahov ca. 10 km
Hultarundan ca.22 km
Herrgårdsrundan ca. 25 km
Sandsjön runt ca.25 km

All trails around Skillingaryd and Vaggeryd are good to cycle and even to walk on.

Longer trails
Munkaleden between Nydala and Byarum, enabling a 40 km long meditation walk on a well marked trail. NOTE! You can NOT ride your bike on Munkaleden.

Höglandsleden by Vaggeryds municipality from Gnosjö municipality in the west to Sävsjö municipality in the east - in the western part of the municipality begins in Kyllås and on through Ljungberg. Bypasses the outskirts west of Skillingaryd and continue north west of Vaggeryd and finally Byarum (distance between Vaggeryd and Byarum is the same as Munkaleden). From Byarum it goes between the lakes Fängen and Sandsjön, then past the Hook Manor (Hooks Herrgård) and eastwards past Långserumsjön and then enter Nässjö municipality at Tomtabacken (Småland's highest point).

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Hook Manor Hotel

Distance: 16.9 km
Hooks Herrgård & Golf Club is beautifully situated by Lake Hokasjön. The golf venue is offering two excellent 18-hole courses, a 9-hole par three course and an outstanding practice facility. Each 18-hole course offers a different challenge and character.