Naturum, Store Mosse Nationalpark

Address: Store Mosse Nationalpark, 33033 Hillerstorp Show map

Address: Store Mosse Nationalpark, 33033 Hillerstorp

Welcome to the Visitor Centre Naturum
The Visitor Centre Naturum at Store Mosse Nationalpark you will find information about the nature of Store Mosse National Park. Naturum are also a source of inspiration and meeting place for all nature enthusiasts. Naturum is open on Sundays all year round, but we are open even when it's closed! You can always call and book a guided tour of Naturum.

Millennium to millennium, you can follow the great bog and landscape change. On our trip through time, we come across new immigrants in the form of plants and animals , including humans. There are also temporary exhibitions of animals and nature that attracts all senses.

Behold the bird
The panoramic window facing Kävsjön you can follow the rich bird life from the front row. By spotting scopes available in the visitor center , you can experience the birds up close.

Events for young and old
Test your knowledge of "Allemansrätten" . Feel the Mountain Bear's fur. Examine skeletons. Play a board game . Or sit down in an armchair at our reference library and read in front of the fire.
Premises for collections, schools and businesses.
Naturum is a place for meetings , association meetings, etc. up to 40-50 people. In the kitchen you can easily warm or cold hold food in connections with an event. For schools there is a small laboratory and a area next to the entrance provides teaching space outdoors under cover.

Guided tours of the National Park
It is possible to book a customized guided tours for reasonable prices all year round. Read more about the tours or get in touch with Naturum to learn more.

Take off your shoes
We are in the typical Swedish tradition to take off their shoes indoors. The floor is warm and it fits well with the relaxed atmosphere of the Centre and also the noise level is lower.
Outside the visitor center is a BBQ for the sausage and benches for all the weary . Close to the observation tower and the children's trail, "Transtigen". During winter, there is also ski trails.

If the visitor center is closed, but you want to get in, knock on the door and we will let you in if we are there.

Mini Guided tours of the exhibition for about 10 minutes every hour or whenever you like, during opening hours. Speak to the staff.

There is always a quiz-trail in the Visitor Centre.

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