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Are you interested in history and ancient monuments? Then this could be something for you! Explore our ancient burial sites from the Iron Age, stone circles and other important and interesting areas we have in the community.

In Båramo there are several exciting archaeological remains from the Iron Age. It includes seven burial grounds in a beautiful setting of forested lands and open cultivation and pasture. Around Skjuteboåsen and Vederydssjöns (lake) eastern shore are remnants in the form of burial sites, stone circles, catch pit and single standing stones, mainly from iron and bronze age.

Båramo Pukarp ancient monuments area in Skillingaryd

Skjutebo ancient monuments area in Vaggeryd

For more information visit Fornsöks website: http://www.raa.se/hitta-information/fornsok-fmis/

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    You can visit the ancient monuments throughout the year! Fornsök phone support is open Monday to Friday 9:00 to 11:30. With reservations for bank holidays and closed for summer vacation!

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