Swim in Långasjön, Vaggeryd's municipality

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The swimming area is quiet and close to nature and have a fairly narrow but long sandy beach and a big grass area. BBQ area with seating! Fishing in the lake is also possible!

Långasjön has a fairly narrow and long, sandy beach and also big grass area. There is a barbecue area with seating. There are two toilets, one handicapped accessible. You can also fish in the lake, then there should be perch, pike, bream and ruffe to catch.

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  • Opening hours
    All year
  • Special requirements
    Children firendly

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Hook Manor Hotel

Distance: 25.7 km
Hooks Herrgård & Golf Club is beautifully situated by Lake Hokasjön. The golf venue is offering two excellent 18-hole courses, a 9-hole par three course and an outstanding practice facility. Each 18-hole course offers a different challenge and character.