Gamla Riksettan - R1 (Touristroad)

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This historic road winds through southern Sweden from Byarum in Småland to Örkelljunga in Skåne. Wherever you stop along the way, you can find something to do!

Riksettan is the old E4 and going parallel with the current E4. So if you are tired of going on the highway and want to see something else this way is perfect! Drive off the E4 and stop for a coffee at Byarums Homestead (open in summer!), take a dip (if the weather permitts) at Hjortsjön (a lake) in Vaggeryd, visit museum Miliseum and the military area in Skillingaryd and stay for dinner at Rasta in Klevshult. If the energy then is out there is the opportunity to sleep in a comfortable bed at Hotel Småland in Klevshult.

For more information contact the tourist offices in the municipalities along the way:
Vaggeryd, 0370-678150
Värnamo, 0370-18899
Ljungby, 0372-789220
Markham, 0433-72034
Örkelljunga, 0435-55158

Digital map is available at:

Otherwise there is a paper map available at each municipal tourist office.

Drive carefully and enjoy!

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    All year around!
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    Children firendly

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Växel: 0370-67 80 00
Box 43, 568 21 Skillingaryd
Kommunhuset Skillingehus, Bangårdsgatan 2, Skillingarydlänk till annan webbplats, öppnas i nytt fönster

Fler kontaktuppgifter 212000 - 0522

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