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  • Fish in Rasjöns- & Rakalvens fishingarea, Vaggeryds municipality

Fish in Rasjöns- & Rakalvens fishingarea, Vaggeryds municipality

Address: Sörängsliden, 56291 Månsarp Show map

Address: Sörängsliden, 56291 Månsarp

Fishing area includes lakes Rasjön and Rakalven. Fish-rich lakes with fish such as eel, whitefish, pike, tench, roach, burbot and perch. Fishing license required!

Fishing area includes lakes Rasjön with an area of ​​about 400 ha and Rakalven with an area of about 80 ha. The lakes are within Vaggeryds and Gislaveds municipalities, and is rich in fish . Rasjön is at most 20 meter deep, has an area of ​​3.91 square kilometers and is 242.9 meters above sea level , that is about 4 m above the lake Rakalven . Rakalvens maximum depth is approx . 5.8 meters , has an area of ​​0.69 square kilometers and is located 239 meters above sea level. Existing species of fish in the two lakes are eel , whitefish, pike , tench, roach , burbot and perch. Possibly walleye and brook trout also occurs.

The lake is biologically important and have some rarity value. Among nesting seabird is Black-throated Diver , osprey , Eurasian hobby and heron . On one of the 10 islands in Rasjön the Ospreys are nesting in the summer and it is then not permitted to land on the island to avoid disturbing the birds.
The lake is designated as a regional precious water (natural and fishing, 2006) .

There are 3 boats for rent fishing club and fishing licenses can be purchased at several locations around the lake, information boards about this set .
!!NOTE!! This fishing license is NOT available at the tourist office in Skillingaryd. !!NOTE!!

For more information and to purchase fishing licenses contact
Ann-Britt Weinerling 0393-400 30 , 073-7209478

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