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Fish in Hörle fishingarea, Vaggeryds municipality


Fishing Hörle fishingarea include Lagan from the southern end of Fågelforsdammen and down against Hörle and Värnamo. One can fish for pike, perch, eel and pike-perch. Fishing license re...

Liljebacken's Atelje' (Studio)

Area: Vaggeryds Kommun  Map

Gallery and art, Design, art and handicraft My name is Christina and have a small personal studio in a charming garden just between Vaggeryd and Bondstorp. I have handmade jewelry made ​​of real leather, metal parts are p...

Lotta's ceramics


Activities, Tourist attractions, Shopping [...] Call and book a time! You can follow her work on

Ica Supermarket

Area: Vaggeryds Kommun  Map

Shopping In Ica Supermarket has the most of what is needed to fill your fridge, freezer and pantry. They are Pharmacy agents, ATG & Gaming agents, Post, Liquor agents, ATM and DHL agent....

Ateljé Gunilla Krohn - Art studio

Area: Vaggeryds Kommun  Map

Gallery and art, Exhibitions Gunilla Krohn has been painting aquarelle/watercolors for about 15 years, she thinks it's a wonderful hobby. If you visit her website you can see examples of her paintings, and ...

Lamina Design


Gallery and art, Exhibitions, Design, art and handicraft Welcome! In the scenic Häradsö Village, we offer our own production of lambskin.

Pålskog Smide - forging


Culturehistoric enviroments, Design, art and handicraft, Farm shops The fire is burning and the hammer strikes at Pålskog forge almost every day and have done so for over 150 years. It is manufactured and sold beautiful appliances for homes, pub...

Fish in Hjortsjöns fishingarea, Vaggeryds municipality

Area: Vaggeryds Kommun  Map

Fishing Hjortsjöns fishingarea include Hjortsjön and Fågelforsdammen. You can fish eel, whitefish, pike, tench, bream, rudd, roach, burbot, perch. Fishing license required!

Kupan- The Red Cross


Antiques and flea markets Kupan is the Red Cross second hand shop in Skillingaryd. Here you will find books, pots, furniture, tablecloths, glassware, ornaments clothes etc.

Swim in Långasjön, Vaggeryd's municipality


Swimming, Fishing The swimming area is quiet and close to nature and have a fairly narrow but long sandy beach and a big grass area. BBQ area with seating! Fishing in the lake is also possible!

Ice skating in Movalla icerink , Skillingaryd


Winteractivities Do you like to ice skate, with or without a club, you are welcome to Movalla icerink. They are open to the public and times can be found in the link below. Free admission when p...

Röllekaboden in Snuddebo

Area: Vaggeryds Kommun  Map

Other, Design, art and handicraft, Farm shops Ritva Carlsson has a small farm shop where she sells jewelry, crystals & stones and self-made ointments, shampoos and soaps. She also has some unusual animals on the farm, such ...

Biking Trails in Vaggeryd municipality

Area: Vaggeryds Kommun  Map

Bicycle For those of you who love to be outdoors, come and experience the beautiful Småland Landscapes up close! You can cycle the various trails that are between 4.7 km and 25 km long

Hemköp - grocery store


Shopping Hemköp is a grocery store that has everything you need. Everything from cat food, vegetables, pasta, drinks, meat, dairy products, magazines, candy, etc. Hemköp is also Skilling...

Naturum, Store Mosse Nationalpark


Museum, Nationalparks and naturereserves, Exhibitions Welcome to the Visitor Centre Naturum The Visitor Centre Naturum at Store Mosse Nationalpark you will find information about the nature of Store Mosse National Park. Naturum ar...

Exhibition - Bissefällarn


Museum, Exhibitions Gunnar figures are available today in over 20 countries and he has had many visitors from near and far in Bissefäll outside Skillingaryd. He also became known through exhibition...

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